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EnvironEAT: Saving the Planet and Your Health in Seven Days!

Biggest take-away: Learn how to develop amazing meals and navigate a new lifestyle without letting it get in the way of LIFE!  Main Focus: Plant-Based basics, getting in all the needed nutrients, gluten-free options, wellness, muscle gain, meals on the go, food swaps, kids, entertaining, holidays, ‘clean meat’, and finally the in depth ‘WHY’. 

EnvironEAT is a three week course with a one week immersion into a plant based lifestyle.  

Week One: Research and getting ready.

Week Two: Seven full day immersion of saving your health and the planet.

Week Three: Wrap up of why, what was your actual impact and deciding where to go next.  Also time to finish and turn in any pending assignments.

On this program you:

Try plant based eating on and see how it feels.

Eat like you live in a spa.

Gluten free options included for every recipe.

Open up to food that fuels energy and happiness!

Make a positive impact on the environment.

Source great food.

Decide what works best for you and have the tools to implement them full time or just part of the time.  This is YOUR educated choice.

My-FARMacy & GreenSpark Mafia was designed to create a better world through compassionate food that positively impacts our health, the animals and environment.  Whether you plan to take a ‘Reducitarian’ approach or go all in, our online course takes the guess work out of a plan(e)t based lifestyle.  Students walk away with the confidence to create, prepare and share delicious healthful and sustainable food.

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EnvironEat: Saving the Plant & Your Health in 7 Days! **AUDIT ONLY**

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BEST Option – EnvironEat: Saving the Planet & Your Health in 7 Days!

Private Coaching Includes: Graded Assignments, 2 x 30 min. Coaching Skype Calls, Certificate of Completion.